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Tutoring Activities

The Tutoring is a orientationand assistance service aimed at students of the Department of Law throughout their academic career.
The service is carried out by students enrolled in the Master's/Master's single-cycle degree program or Doctoral students, selected on the basis of their curriculum and experience.

The Department of Law provides two types of tutoring:

1) General Tutoring.
This service offers students and female students information and advice on the method of study, how to prepare and approach examinations, study planning, answers to specific questions related to individual exam programs.

2) Tutoring for teaching-integrative, preparatory and remedial activities.
This service offers help to students and female students who have difficulties in preparing for and passing examinations of specific subjects.
Through the support provided by tutors, students and female students will be able, in particular, to correct their study method, better clarify certain parts of the examination syllabus and improve their exposure.

Other types of mentoring

Other types of mentoring services can be found on the individual Degree Courses page:

  • tutor Internationalization performs support activities for internationalization programs and projects at the Department. These activities include dissemination of internationalization opportunities to students and students enrolled in the various courses of study and support to students and students already in mobility during the academic year.
  • Pair Tutor = Pair Tutor for female students with disabilities or DSA
  • Tutoring for ER.GO grants (reserved for freshmen, grant recipients. This is a support service for overcoming any difficulties in organizing study and in participating in university life.)
  • Tutor mentoring (The service is aimed at supporting male and female students who are blocked, unmotivated or, simply, to those who want to try to change something in their course of study).
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The Department of Law, Political and International Studies, with the collaboration of the O.U. Orientation and Job Placement, organizes activities to guide students in the phase of choosing a course of study, during their studies and after graduation.
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