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The Department of Law, Political and International Studies bases its operations on the pair, inseparable, research-didactic, and on Third Mission activities. The Department pursues purposes of scientific research, in the scientific-disciplinary Fields of competence, which are homogeneous in purpose or method, and manages the teaching activities of the related teachings, pertaining to several Courses of Study.

The "Vision" of the Department, in line with that of the University, aims to play an active role in the transformation of society and the territory through the continuous quality assurance of the Institution, innovating in teaching, research and Third Mission.



The Department of Law, Political and International Studies is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary research activities, and ensures the constant monitoring of research activity in order to guarantee the best quality of scientific results to be achieved. It also considers as its own strategic objective, which goes hand in hand with the primary institutional objectives of research, teaching and postgraduate training, the valorization and communication of the heritage of university knowledge, in order to contribute to social, cultural and economic development, especially with regard to the local and territorial context.

In this perspective, the Department communicates and disseminates its knowledge through the intense relationship with all territorial protagonists, identifying, in addition to the Students, who will represent the main and institutional interlocutor, the Professional Orders. With particular reference to: the Order of Lawyers, the Order of Notaries, the Order of Chartered Accountants, the Order of Social Workers and the Order of Labor Consultants, with which agreements will be intensified for the recognition of training credits due to the effective participation in departmental seminar and conference activities.

The Department, moreover, considers internationalization a strategic objective, increasing, and strengthening, the existing study and research networks.

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