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Incoming and outgoing exchange students, double degree and visiting professors make the University of Parma an International environment perfect for your studies!

Department of Law Politics and International Studies

A variety of courses are taught entirely in English each year:

Discover all the English courses offered by the Department of Law and Political and International Studies of the University of Parma. http://gspi.unipr.it/it/node/3247

► COMPARATIVE HISTORY OF POLITICAL SYSTEMS Prof. Marco Baldassari (lecture hours: 30 hours; 6 ECTS) - II Semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/161045

CONTRACT LAW, GLOBALIZATION AND DIGITAL MARKETS - Prof. Fabrizio Moncalvo (lecture hours: 36; 6 ECTS) – I Semester

The course aims to analyse the characteristics, from a legal and contractual point of view, of the Commercial Distribution Agreements, through the study of the main types of contracts. Particular attention will be given to the analysis of negotiation techniques, with specific reference to the choice of the contractual typology, international safeguards, dispute settlement, choice of law, management of the "Country risk".

Teaching language:  English.

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/173577

ECONOMIA DELLA GLOBALIZZAZIONE/ECONOMICS OF GLOBALISATION - Prof.ssa Donatella Baiardi (SECS-P/02 –6 ECTS) -  Department of Economics and Management- II Semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/149209

►DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIONProf. Vincenzo Dall’Aglio (SECS–P/01 – 6 ECTS) - Department of Economics and Management – I semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/163850

► ECONOMICS EUROPEAN INTEGRATION - Prof. Giovanni Graziani (SECS-P/01 – 6 ECTS) -  Department of Economics and Management – I semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/171970

► ECONOMICS AND LAW - Prof. Pietro Vagliasindi (lecture hours: 36 hours; 6 ECTS) – I Semester

The course will examine the legal behaviours and juridical norms in the broadest context of socio-economic and political institutions to assess through social cost benefit analysis of institutional and regulatory options. It aims at preparing lawyers to better understand how legal and institutional contexts modify incentives and affect socio-economic behaviours, as well as to assess legislations and institutions (for example within the context of international organization, such as the World Bank, IMF, EBRD, etc.). Moreover, the course will provide an in-depth analysis of public institutions, focusing on efficiency and equity issues, property law, contracts and corporate theory.

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/135798

► EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL LABOUR LAW - Prof. Fabio Pantano (lecture hours: 36; ECTS: 6) – II Semester

The course will analyse, by way of example, the social policy of the European Union concerning the labour market and the models of non-standard contracts; the external action of EU to promote the protection of labour in developing countries; the evolution of the discipline of employment relationship and of trade unions and collective labour rights in countries that recently have achieved a high economic development on the international scene (BRICS).

Further information is available at:https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/135801

► EUROPEAN AND COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL LAW - Prof. Alberto Cadoppi (lecture hours: 36; 6 ECTS) – II Semester

Topics pertaining both to the general part and the special part of Criminal law will be analyzed during the course, from a Comparative law and European Law point of view. Among other topics, decisions from the European Court of Human Rights will be analysed.

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/135799

► EUROPEAN LEGAL ROOTS - PROF. ULRICO AGNATI (lecture hours: 30; 6 ECTS) – I Semester

The aim of the course is to identify the main features into the developing of the European law. The analysis will follow the historical evolution of the following topics, along a cross-cultural comparison between the western “secular-grounded” legal tradition and eastern legal experiences of religious Laws: 1. Religious and Secular Law; 2. Religious Legal Traditions; 3. Secular Law and Public institutions; 4. The relationship between individual and the 'State'; 5. The creation of civic rules.

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/173557

► INTERNATIONAL POLITICS – Prof. Emanuele Castelli (SPS/02 – 9 ECTS) - II Semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/173551

► HISTORY OF ITALIAN FOREIGN POLICY - Prof. Bruno Pierri (lecture hours: 30; 6 ECTS) – II Semester

The course aims at providing the students with the main issues and concepts of the history of Italian foreign policy, with a particular focus on Fascist policy of power, as well as the relationships with the colonial realities of those times. Moreover, it is planned to examine history methodology through strict critical and scientific criteria. As a matter of fact, it is a question of a “treaty” between professors and students, dealing with contents issues and methods of survey within a history inter-disciplinary educational training.

Further information concerning recommended readings, teaching and assessment methods of the course unit are available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/173557

► PUBLIC ECONOMICS Prof. Pietro Vagliasindi (SECS-P/03 – 9 ECTS) - II Semester

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/173555

► PUBLIC POLICY ECONOMIC EVALUATION - Prof. Pietro Vagliasindi (lecture hours: 36 hours; 6 ECTS) – I Semester

Knowledge of the economic aspects of public and private projects evaluations is becoming a part of the professional education of the law and political science student.

This six-month course, specifically aimed at these students, offers the theoretical and practical knowledge and tools necessary to understand the evaluation of the public and private projects, its administration and the problems connected with public intervention. Particular attention is dedicated to efficiency, and equity in the economic analysis. The course offers practical and technical tools and provides all the useful elements of economics for a full understanding of all the topics.

Further information is available at: https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/170960

► RECENT DEVELOPMENTS OF JAPANESE CRIMINAL LAW- Prof. Nobuhito Yoshinaka (Visiting Professor) (IUS/17 –6 ECTS) - II Semester

Further information is available at:  https://en.unipr.it/ugov/degreecourse/178121




The Department of Law, Political and International Studies of the University of Parma also offers a wide variety of courses taught in Italian. Find here the Syllabus: http://gspi.unipr.it/it/node/3248


Enrol in an Italian language course. For more information, see https://dusic.unipr.it/en/teaching/italian-courses-foreigners

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1) Law Degree: Prof. Malaika Bianchi, email address: malaika.bianchi@unipr.it
2) Social Work Degree: Prof. Vincenza Pellegrino, email address: vincenza.pellegrino@unipr.it
3) Political Science Degree: Prof.ssa Veronica Valenti, email address:veronica.valenti@unipr.it

1) Law Degree and Political Science Degree: Prof. Fabio Cassibba, email address: fabiosalvatore.cassibba@unipr.it; Prof. Francesca Trombetta Panigadi, email address: francesca.trombettapanigadi@unipr.it
2) Social Work Degree: Prof.ssa Vincenza Pellegrino, email: vincenza.pellegrino@unipr.it



Prof. Alberto Cadoppi, email address: alberto.cadoppi@unipr.it
Prof. Fabio Cassibba, email address: fabiosalvatore.cassibba@unipr.it



The tutors for the support of internationalization perform activities aimed at supporting the internationalization of programs and projects for the entire Department of Law and Political and International Studies. The activity includes support for incoming and outgoing students during their mobility exchange.

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