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The Department of Law is located in different buildings:


  •  Central Building
      via Università, 12
  •   Zunti Palace
       via Università, 7
  •   San Francesco Building
       Strada del Prato, 4/1A


Central building
The Department of Law has its seat in the central building of the University. The building is located at the heart of the old town.
Formerly a College of Jesuits and the unachieved seat of the Company of Jesus, the building has hosted the University since 1768.
The central building is located in a large block that was progressively built and enlarged by Jesuits, starting from the Oratory of Saint Roch Church, which they received from the duke Ottavio Farnese. Various projects for the building were drawn over time, including  from friar Giovanni Tristano (1565) and father Blandino (1629), as well as from other architects. The construction works began only in 1654, probably on the basis of a project by father Giovanni Federico Cusani.
The external building, tetragonal and austere, is almost anti-baroque in its evident counter-reformist rigour. The magnificent internal spaces keep memories of their original uses, although in the last two centuries they have been adapted to the needs of one of the oldest Universities in Europe.
In addition to the Law Department, the building hosts the Rectorate, the Central Administrative Offices and the Lecture Hall of the University of Parma.

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