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Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020.
The programme gives to students the opportunity to spend abroad a period of time up to twelve months for each study cycle (twenty-four months for the single cycle Degree in Law), receiving financial support to help cover the travel and subsistence costs incurred in connection with their study or training period abroad. The Programme has two components:

1) Erasmus+ Study allows students to complete abroad part of their studies. The mobility is carried out in the framework of agreements between the University of Parma and Universities of eligible countries. The Department gives full academic recognition for satisfactorily completed activities (classes, exams and research) during the mobility period as agreed in the Learning Agreement, by using ECTS credits.

The programme also allows students from partner universities to follow classes taught at the Department, to sit the exams and to obtain full recognition of these activities by their home institutions.

2) Erasmus+ Placement gives students the opportunity to do a traineeship abroad. Receiving organisations for traineeships can be any public or private organisations.

Information for outgoing Erasmus students

The list of partner Universities, as well as information about the eligibility criteria and Erasmus+ announcements of grants are available at the webpage Internazionale/Opportunità per studenti italiani of the University website.

For further information:
Erasmus and International Home, e-mail: erasmus@unipr.it.

For detailed information concerning the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme within the Department of Law, please contact the academic Erasmus delegates of the Department:


       →    Regulation for Erasmus students

Information for incoming Erasmus students

1) Erasmus+ students should contact the relevant Department delegate upon their arrival in Italy and, afterwards, once per month during their stay in Parma;

2) Exams passed in Italy are graded according to a scale ranging from 0 to 30, with 18 as pass grade;

3) the University of Parma uses the ECTS; a ECTS credits table is available on the University of Parma website.

For further information, please contact the Student International Exchange Association (ASSI) directly at the Erasmus Office or by e-mail at the address: assi@unipr.it.

NB: Incoming Erasmus students may sit separately the exam for the two modules of the course of International law (15 ECTS), namely Public International Law (9 ECTS) and Private International Law (6 ECTS). Therefore, they may sit and have recognised only one of the two modules.

Other agreements for international mobility and cooperation

EACLE (The European-American Consortium for Legal Education) is an international consortium of European and US Law Schools established in 2000 to advance the education of young lawyers and prepare them to work in the field of transnational law. The Consortium’s members are five European law faculties (University of Ghent, University of Helsinki, University of Parma, Erasmus Rotterdam University and University of Warsaw) and five US law schools (American University, University of Baltimore, University of Georgia, Hofstra University, Santa Clara University). Through the EACLE project every year at least two students enrolled in the Degree of Law of the University of Parma may spend one semester of study in one of the partner US Law Schools, chosen on rotation basis. For the a.y. 2013/2014, the partner is the Baltimore University School of Law, Baltimore (USA).
Students admitted to the exchange programme receive a grant of 1,500 Euro from the University of Parma as lump-sum contribution to travel and accommodation expenses; in addition, they are exempted from paying the enrolment fees at the host university, they can attend classes, they can sit examinations and have free access to library facilities. The rules concerning the recognition of activities completed during the exchange are those applying to the Erasmus+ students of the Department.
Applicant students must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:
- be regularly enrolled at the University of Parma;
- be enrolled at least in the third year of the Degree in Law;
- not being more than one year late in the prescribed time to complete the degree;
- have an excellent knowledge of English language.

Applications shall be submitted through the ad hoc application form that is available at the International Academic Exchange Service for Italian students and at the Internazionale/Mobilità nell'ambito di accordi internazionali page of the University website.

 → Grades conversion request form

Contact person:
Prof. Laura Pineschi, e-mail: laura.pineschi@unipr.it
Prof. Malaika Bianchi
, e-mail: malaika.bianchi@unipr.it
Prof. Cesare Pitea, e-mail: cesare.pitea@unipr.it

For further information:Erasmus and International Home, e-mail: erasmus@unipr.it.



The Department of Law is a member of IALS (International Association of Law Schools). IALS is a not-for-profit organization, established in 2005 and based in the United States. The Association brings together  about a hundred law faculties all over the world. It aims at contributing to the enhancement of legal education, especially for students intending to pursue careers, different from private legal practice, in the  governmental, non-governmental, private and academic sectors. The Association also offers mobility opportunities to students and teachers of the member institutions.

Contact person: Prof. Laura Pineschi, e-mail: laura.pineschi@unipr.it

Other international mobility opportunities for students

Students enrolled in programmes taught at the Department of Law may be eligible for grants awarded under agreements concluded by the University of Parma with other foreign academic institutions. Further information may be found at the Internazionale/Mobilità nell'ambito di accordi internazionali page of the University website.

For further information please contact the Erasmus delegate of the relevant programme degree and/or the International Erasmus and International Home, e-mail: erasmus@unipr.it.

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